‘Om bhoor bhuwah swah tat sawitur vareniyam’ the doorbell ringed.

‘Here is my lovable son back from Korea‘Ramakrishna stormed toward the door and his wife Leelawati followed his steps.

As they opened the door an enthusiastic voice came

‘Hey dad…o mom, so nice to see you both again.’ Parag exclaimed.

‘O my child, you’ve grown even fairer and handsome’ Leelawati praised him.

‘My dear mother… I take after you’ Parag replied wittingly.

‘Enough of the talks! Give Parag some water and the carrot halva especially cooked for him.’ Ramakrishna pinched Leelawati.

Leelawati hurried toward the kitchen and came back with a glass of water and halva.

‘Have this Parag’ she said while stroking his head.

Parag took some bites of halva and gulped water.

‘Listen mom…listen dad. See what I’ve brought for you.’ His parents glanced at him surprisingly.

‘A nice Korean kettle.’ He was delighted to see the glitter of amazement in his parent’s eyes. Leelawati had long ago desired for a kettle which Ramakrishna never fulfilled. Now her son had enlivened her dream.

‘Wow …this is outstanding.’ Leelawati cried out followed by Ramakrishna’s giggles.

‘Darling…Please prepare tea for him in this kettle’ Ramakrishna advised.

‘Yeah…sure’ leelawati chirruped like a bird.

She left the father and son talking to each other and trotted toward the kitchen holding kettle in one of her hands. Leelawati opened the fridge and grabbed the utensil filled with milk. Dipping a spoon in the milk, she took out thick white cream and licked it.

‘I must start preparing tea’ she pondered.

Suddenly her eyes caught the manual inside the carton of kettle.

‘Who cares…I am well-educated and intelligent enough to deal with it without any manual.’ She muttered.

‘Lalala …take two capfuls of milk. Add one cup of water. Mix two spoonsful of tea and bring to boil.’ She muttered.

She covered the kettle with its lid and waited for a few seconds. Being an impatient middle-aged lady she started roaming in the kitchen and switched on the radio.

I know you love me. You know I care.’ Justin Bieber was twisting his tongue. Leelawati started taking dance steps.

‘BOOM! …shut…BOOM! ‘The kettle started making metallic noise.

Leelawati went near the kettle and Alas! The kettle lid opened as a result of which the tea started flowing out of it.

‘O Gosh…what will they say. I am such a dumb…really I have done a blunder.’

My first love … broke my love for the first time’ Bieber continued singing.

‘O damn shit…Bieber go to hell’ She groaned and started cleaning the slab and floor. As she stood up, the vessel full with milk clashed with her.



On hearing the chink of utensil, both father and son ran into the kitchen only to see Leelawati covered with milk listening to Bieber.

Are we an item girl? Quit playing.’


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